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Demands For Discounts Are Not Their Calling

, , , , | Right | June 28, 2022

I work as a personal frame designer. The average turnaround time to do a custom order is about two weeks, and upon completion, we call the customer to let them know that they can come in to collect their order.

There was once an incident in the past where a customer wasn’t properly notified that their order was ready, so we take extensive notes on when and how we contact all customers to make sure no one is missed.

Customer: “I’m here to check if my order is f****** ready or not. I was told it would be done before Christmas and that you guys would call me, but obviously, that was bulls***. Should be under the name [Customer].”

Me: “Okay, yes, ma’am, that order is indeed finished and ready for pickup.”

Customer: “Then why the f*** did you guys not call and tell me? I’d better be getting a discount or something for this.”

Me: “Ma’am, according to my notes on this order, I was the one to personally call you on the date we told you to expect a call on but was hung up on after asking to speak to you. I tried—”

Customer: “Well, I probably thought you sounded like a telemarketer. Why the f*** didn’t you call back?”

Me: “Ma’am, I did. I tried calling a second time that immediately went through to voicemail, and I left a message to let you know that everything was ready.”

Customer: *Pauses* “Well, I never got any message! Shouldn’t you guys have texted me or something?”

Me: “From a business landline phone? No, we don’t do that. Besides, we reached out to you twice, and the paperwork we gave you when you placed the order provided you with our number to call us and check the order status at any time.”

Customer: “Whatever. Clearly, you don’t want to give me any discounts for wasting my time. Just give me my f****** order.”

Given that customers have to pay for their orders in advance and refunds are not possible on custom orders, the only wasted time was them trying to wrangle a discount.

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