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That Demand Is Gambling With Ridiculousness

, , | Right | June 21, 2017

(The building where I used to work 10 years ago contained several restaurants; you could walk through some of them to get to the others. The restaurant next to ours has a few slot machines, which are on the “border” between the two places. Our break room is next to the machines. One day, one of the gamblers gets angry about not winning again. This time, he takes it out on us.)

Gambler: “Hey, keep quiet! I can’t hear the slot properly!”

Coworker: “Ehm… what?”

(Some of these gamblers seem to think that, if you listen very carefully, you can hear a click which tells you when to push the “stop”-button. Apart from the fact that this is nonsense, there is always noise in the restaurants.)

Gambler: “You guys are making way too much noise, with all your talking and laughing in there! Come on! Get a life!”

Coworker: “Are you seriously telling us to get a life, just because we have a nice chat while on break? We’re not the ones sitting behind a gambling machine all day, wasting our time and money.”