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Delivery Is Always A Gamble

, , , , | Working | August 31, 2019

(The local casino is the lowest-ranked option on [Popular Food Delivery App] in our city. Since my partner works at the casino and gets a discount on food, we eat there fairly frequently and know the food to be quite tasty, so the low ranking is a bit of a mystery to us. Management at the casino has even made changes in the kitchen in an unsuccessful effort to improve the ranking. Then, my partner relays this story to me. A driver for [Popular Food Delivery App] comes to pick up an order at the casino. He takes the freshly-cooked food, puts it in his insulated bag, and sits down at a table to play roulette. After several minutes, one of the casino managers notices the driver playing roulette with the undelivered food at his feet.)

Manager: “Is our food in that bag?”

Driver: “Yeah.”

Manager: *incredulously* “Then go deliver it! Cash out right now.”

(The driver sheepishly took the food and left. He’d spent a total of 10 or 15 minutes at the casino with the order, between the time it took him to gamble and cash out. The managers have since started keeping a much closer eye on the delivery drivers!)

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