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Delivering Back Some Bad News

, , , , , | Working | November 23, 2017

(I work in an office. I am absent-minded and forget to eat fairly often; therefore, I wind up ordering out a lot. Never had a single issue until Halloween, which I guess not only brings out crazy customers, but also crazy employees. My food is supposed to arrive at around 7:00 pm. It is late and I am getting hangry, so I contact the delivery folks just to check in. I’m trying to be patient. They contact the driver and then say she’ll be there in the next ten minutes. Cool. Then the driver arrives.)

Driver: “You know, I had until 7:39 to deliver your food.”

Me: “That’s fair; I was just going by the website, which said 7:00 to 7:10.”

Driver: “Well, my phone said 7:39.”

Me: “Awesome. All I care about is that the food is here. I’m a walking Snickers commercial, so I was getting a little crazy.”


(The driver proceeds to show the names and addresses of her six other deliveries.)

Me: “You probably shouldn’t be showing other customers’ information to me.”

Driver: “You probably shouldn’t act like you’re my only customer. I had seven deliveries to take. You needed to know I had other deliveries.”

(The driver storms off. I call up the delivery company and this conversation happens:)

Me: “So, y’all are in a call center, right?”

Call Center Rep: “Yes, sir.”

Me: “Do the words PCI Compliance mean anything?”

Call Center Rep: “Yes, why?”

Me: *relays details*

Call Center Rep: “Are you serious? That’s not okay.”

Me: “Yeah, I mean, what if I was a lunatic? She just handed me a list of victims. I mean, I know that’s outlandish to say, but—”

Call Center Rep: “—you’re worried that if she showed you their info, she’ll show yours to others.”

Me: “Precisely.”

Call Center Rep: “Don’t worry; we’ll sort that. That’s absolutely not something we do. We could be fined or sued for that. I’m going to refund your order and we’ll sort her out.”

(So in closing, if she blew up because I just wanted to make sure she was on her way, I’d hate to find out how she’s going to react to violating PCI Compliance.)

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