Delivering A Double Standard

, , , , | Working | October 9, 2020

On Thursday, I order clothes online. I get the message that shipping will take about five days. On Friday morning, however, I receive three emails in a row. One says the item is due for shipping, one that it’s shipped, and one that it will arrive today. I’m at work today so I figure the deliverer will just leave it at the neighbor’s or on my own doorstep, as usual. I live in a large apartment building.

I return from work to find a note on my door that the package was delivered to an address on the first floor. I live on the fifth. Wondering why the h*** they would leave it with neighbors four floors down, I go down there to retrieve it. I end up going there several times, as no one answers the door. After the fifth time, I leave a note on their door, politely asking if they could just leave the package at my front door once they get home.

Saturday passes without any sign of my package. Just when I am about to go down — again — to see if the neighbors are finally home for once, someone rings my doorbell. I open and see my package on the doormat and a very angry looking package deliverer standing there. He glares at the package and back to me, feet impatiently tapping and arms crossed.

Deliverer: “Why the h*** weren’t you home? I came here three times on Friday!”

Me: “I was at work, as one could expect. I had a note on my door that it was delivered on the first floor, so I went there several times but no one answered the door.”

Deliverer: “I just got home, too, you know; I work full days! You have to be home when you get a package!”

Me: “I didn’t even know that it would be delivered on Friday until the very last moment. There was no way I could get off from work to wait for a package. And why was it even delivered at [address four floors down]?”

Deliverer: “That’s where I live! Duh!”

Me: “I’m sorry. I had no way of knowing that.”

Deliverer: “Well, you should! Everyone knows here! In the future, if you have a package and you decide not to be home, go by my place. I have them. You have to be home when I deliver your package!”

Me: “Listen, I’ve rung your doorbell five times, and you weren’t home, either!”

Deliverer: “I was working!

Me: “So was I! So what’s your problem?”

Deliverer: “Be home next time!” 

He stomped off, leaving me to pick up my package from the floor.

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