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Deliver Us From Bad Customers, Part 2

, , | Right | August 4, 2021

I walk in the door before we open and the phone is ringing, so I answer it.

Caller: “I want to place a delivery order.”

Me: “We don’t deliver, but you can order through [Third-Party App].”

Caller: “How do I go about doing that?”

Me: “You can either do it through your cell phone or on your computer.”

Caller: *Screaming* “I don’t have a computer or a smartphone! You need to order it for me or update your system!”

Me: “Sir, it’s a third-party app that we have no control over.”

Caller: “I don’t give a s*** if it’s a third party or a fifth party!”

I have been nice up to this point, although annoyed. Bluntly, I say:

Me: “I cannot help you. You either need to pick it up yourself, use curb-side, or eat in.”

Caller: “I live down the street! Someone needs to bring it to me!”

I cut him off with the hold button and gave the phone to my boss. He lost twenty-six minutes of his life explaining the same things I had just told the customer.

He never did get food.

Deliver Us From Bad Customers

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