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Deliver Me From This Entitlement!

, , , | Right | August 29, 2017

(I tend to go a bit too far to make customers happy, and it’s bitten me in the butt. A customer has called to ask me to send some items to her. As I am writing down the address, I realise I drive through her suburb on my way home. I usually drop deliveries off at a post box in the suburb next to her, so I offer to drop her items off at her home as a favour, and to save her the postage. Her address is more out of the way than I anticipated, and when I arrive I find that the area is a bit dodgy. I quickly give the items to the customer and leave. Ultimately, I have added an extra half-hour to my trip home. A week later…)

Manager: “[My Name], did you deliver to [Customer]?”

Me: “Yes.”

Manager: “She called today to place an order and told me to make that girl deliver it again.”

Me: “Seriously? I barely even got a thank you. I told her that I was doing her a favour last time, and told her I happened to be heading in her direction because she wanted it sent as soon as possible. What did you say?”

Manager: “I told her we no longer do deliveries. You need to stop doing too much for customers. They only take advantage.”

(Unfortunately, it wasn’t the last time I did this. On another occasion, I was going to be heading through the area that a customer lived in, so I offered to drop items off. Again, it took me way out of my way, and again, the customer demanded to have me deliver her next order. No, I didn’t, and no, I’ve never made the offer since.)

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