Deliver Me From This Delivery

, , , , | Right | September 17, 2018

(We have a service we offer in which, if you buy a mattress from us, we will remove and dispose of your old mattress for $25. My coworker is speaking to a customer who has purchased this service and is expecting delivery tomorrow.)

Customer: “So, I paid for you guys to come take my old mattress…”

Coworker: “Yes, sir?”

Customer: “I’ve decided I want to bring my old mattress to my daughter’s house.”

Coworker: “Oh, okay. So, would you like to cancel the $25 removal and have a refund?”

Customer: “No, I want you to take the old mattress to my daughter’s house.”

Coworker: “Unfortunately, our delivery team can’t do that. They can bring you the mattress you ordered, and if you would like, they can take your old mattress away for disposal. They can’t deliver your personal item to someone else.”

Customer: “No, I paid you $25 to take my old mattress, and I want you to take it to my daughter’s house!”

Coworker: “Sir, the $25 charge is to dispose of your old mattress. If you do not want us to do that, we can refund you, but we can not deliver your belongings to another residence.”

Customer: “Well, I will just tell the delivery people when they get here.”

Coworker: “Sir, the delivery team does not offer that service. You can ask them, but they will most likely refuse, and they would be well within policy by doing so.”

Customer: “That’s ridiculous! I don’t think you know how to do your job!”

Coworker: “Sir, if you would like to speak to a supervisor I can transfer you.”

Customer: “Yeah, right… You’re just going to pass me to someone sitting next to you.”

(My coworker turned her head to the side and saw that the person sitting nearest to her was the supervisor, and we both burst out laughing. The conversation went on for another ten minutes before the customer gave up.)

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