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Deliver Me From This Customer!  

, , , | Right | December 31, 2019

(There’s a woman who orders from us a lot. Every time she orders, she calls back two hours later and says something is wrong with her food and receives a free order. She does this at least three times a week for four months straight. This time is the last straw with my manager:)

Customer: “Yeah, the bacon on my sandwiches isn’t cooked.”

Manager: “Ma’am, our bacon is pre-cooked.”

(Somehow she swindles the manager into giving her three free sandwiches under the instructions she’s supposed to give the three “messed up” ones to the delivery driver. The driver isn’t allowed to leave her door until she checks the food and makes sure nothing is wrong with it. I am the lucky one to take the delivery.)

Me: “Before I give you this, I am instructed by my manager that you’re supposed to give me the old sandwiches back.”

Customer: “I threw them in the trash!”

(I get my phone and call my manager and tell him she threw the sandwiches away. He then asks to speak to her and he is talking loud enough to where I can hear him.)

Manager: “Ma’am, I told you that you cannot receive these new sandwiches unless you give my driver the old ones. Now, I’m going to let her give you these new ones, but you can no longer receive deliveries; you can only pick your food up from now on.”

(She hung up the phone, pretty upset, and I told her I couldn’t leave until she made sure her order was correct.)

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