Delicious, Perhaps Not So Nutritious

| Right | April 9, 2009

(A blond freshman girl comes in with a few of her friends.)

Customer: “Oh, my gosh! You guys are out of oranges!”

Me: “Yeah, sorry. But we have apples and bananas, and orange juice.”

Customer: “No! Your guys’ apples suck! And I’m going on a HIKE; I need an orange!”

Me: “Well…”

Customer: “No, no, it’s okay. I understand.”

(She suddenly notices a display of baked goods next to her.)

Customer: “Oh, my gosh, are those chocolate cupcakes vegan?”

Me: “Yeah, I think so. I can check.”

Customer: “Well, I just want to know if it’s healthy. You know, vegan equals healthy.”

Me: “…it’s a cupcake.”

(She stared at the expression on my face for a second, and then walked out.)

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