Delayed To The Nines  

, , , , , | Working | December 27, 2019

(I’m a laboratory manager and some of our equipment breaks down, so I call the company to schedule a service. The tech asks what the earliest time is that he can come the next day and I tell him 9:00 am because I arrive before that time. On the day of the service, I arrive by 8:30 am, have breakfast, and wait for him to come. At 9:35, he hasn’t arrived, so I call him and he tells me he’s parking. Once he gets to the lab, we have this conversation:)

Tech: “Hi there. Did you think I wasn’t coming?”

Me: “No but it was well past nine and you hadn’t arrived, that’s why I called you.”

Tech: “Oh, well, usually when I schedule a service for 9:00 am, people get nervous if their commute gets delayed or something, so I just give them some time.”

Me: “…”

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