Defrauding A Village In Order To Save It

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(A customer calls in wanting to cancel her son’s car insurance. After going back and forth for twenty minutes, she asks to speak to me, the manager.)

Me: “Thank you for holding, Mrs. [Caller].”

Caller: “I want to cancel my son’s car insurance. Why won’t you let me?”

Me: “Because the insurance is a legally binding contract between us and your son, and only he has the legal authority to cancel the contract.”

Caller: “But he’s been in London for months and won’t be back until next year. The car’s just sitting there!”

Me: “Well, we would need your son to cancel or authorise you to act on his behalf. He can call us on [number], or he could send us a fax with the details.”

Caller: “Don’t be ridiculous; he can’t call from England! I’m his mother! I should be able to do it for him.”

(We go round and round in circles for another fifteen minutes, then…)

Caller: “I’m going to sue you for sexual discrimination!”

Me: “Sorry?”

Caller: “I’m going to sue you AND your company for sexual discrimination.”

Me: “Um, on what grounds?”

Caller: “Because if I had gotten my husband to ring you, he could have pretended to be our son and you wouldn’t have known it wasn’t him. I’m a woman and can’t impersonate my son, and that’s sexual discrimination!”

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