Definitely Not Cut From The Same Cloth

| Washington, USA | Working | March 14, 2013

(It’s my day off, but I’m at the craft store where I work as a customer. I need some fabric for a costume I’ll be wearing at a comic book convention later that evening. I approach the fabric-cutting counter and see my manager, who isn’t the friendliest person.)

Me: “I need three-quarters of a yard, please.”

Manager: “Sure thing. By the way, can you come in later today?”

Me: “Sorry, but no. I’m going to [comic book convention]. I just needed to get some fabric for the sleeves to my costume.”

Manager: *sourly* “See, it’s people like you that are the reason I have to hire so many new employees this season. I was only going to hire two, but now I have to hire six!”

(As my manager says this, a line of customers is starting to form behind me.)

Me: “I come in every other time I am asked to. I come in on time, and work my whole shift. I cover for many others as well. This is one of my few days off, and I’ve already paid for the convention.”

Manager: “I don’t care. You should still come in!”

Me: “I wouldn’t make back the money I have already spent on it. It would be a waste. So no, I’m not going to come in on my one day off.”

(I eventually leave the counter, but not before my manager says a few last things to me. I am waiting in line at the register when another customer approaches me.)

Customer: “That was unacceptable. She shouldn’t have treated you that way.”

Me: “It’s fine, ma’am. She’s my boss, and I’m used to it.”

Customer: “You shouldn’t have to be used to it! What’s her higher-up’s phone number? I have a few things to say myself!”

(The customer did end up calling corporate, but it really didn’t do anything. It made me feel a little better though, knowing that even customers didn’t appreciate how we were treated. I eventually quit and have never looked back!)

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