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Definitely Didn’t Justify The Drive

, , , , | Right | May 23, 2023

I get a call just as I’m about to leave the office at 5:00 pm.

Client: “Hi, it’s [Client] from [Company]. There’s a problem with the text in the ‘About Me’ section of the new website you made. It’s on the right instead of the left.”

I check the website.

Me: “It’s justified like you asked for. What are you seeing exactly?”

Client: “Erm… I don’t know what you mean. Can you just come over to the office and look? I need this sorted out ASAP.”

The client is a forty-five-minute drive away, but they paid good money and haven’t complained until now.

Me: “Sure, I’ll be there within an hour.”

I arrive at the client’s office and take a look at the PC.

Client: “You see? It’s all on the right instead of the left!”

The client has copied text from the website into Word (I don’t even bother to ask why) and it’s aligned to the right. I align it to the left.

Me: “Is that what you wanted?”

Client: “Oh, my God, yes! I’ve been trying for hours to do this!”

Question of the Week

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