Definitely A Slytherin

| Friendly | January 3, 2017

(I’m on the way to visit my dad on the mainland, which due to the bus system requires me to stay overnight in Vancouver. My mom has arranged for me to stay with a friend of hers, and I end up going with one of her daughters to see a movie at her friend’s house. This conversation takes place on the air-train, shortly after the sixth Harry Potter book has been released.)

Daughter: “You know, one time I saw someone reading Chamber of Secrets on the train.”

Me: “Oh?”

Daughter: “Yeah, so I asked him if he’d read the sixth one yet, and he told me he was reading through them for the first time. So, I told him ‘[Universally Beloved Character] DIES!’ And then I got off at the next stop!” *laughing*

Me: *speechless and staring in absolute horror*

(I never spoke to her again…)

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