Defective In Applying Defective Appliances

, , , , | Working | April 6, 2018

(I’m at home awaiting pickup of a defective appliance for warranty replacement. There is construction on the main road to my house; I’ve made this clear to the pickup service, and provided alternate directions and my phone number in case the road is closed. It should have been picked up over half an hour ago. I call the service.)

Service: *puts me on hold and calls the driver* “The driver says he was there but you weren’t home. We’ll have to reschedule for tomorrow.”

Me: “I’ve been here all morning. No one has been here. I’m certain of this; the dog would have gone nuts if someone rang or knocked. I took off work for this pickup.”

Service: “I’ll contact the driver and see if he’s still in the area.”

(A few minutes later, my phone rings…)

Driver: “I can’t get to your house. We’ll have to reschedule for tomorrow.”

Me: “Where are you? I can give you directions.”

(He’s at a truck stop three minutes from my house. I give the directions. They aren’t simple — five extra turns — but should be within the abilities of a professional driver.)

Driver: “I can’t do that. We’ll have to reschedule.”

Me: “Wait there. I’ll be there in three minutes.”

(He ended up following me to my house. I had to supply my own dolly to get the appliance to his truck and help him load it. I was so happy that the defective appliance was gone that I didn’t question him about the obvious lie that he’d already been to my house.)

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