Defeated Not Seated

| Working | July 24, 2015

(I’m meeting two friends at a popular upscale brunch spot. The lobby is very crowded and everyone is huddled together waiting for their names to be called. I see my friends come in, but they stick by the door since there’s not much room where I am standing. After about 30 minutes…)

Hostess: “[My Name], party of three!”

(I nudge my way up to the hostess as she’s still calling out my name until I’m right in front of her.)

Hostess: *looking past me* “Last call for [My Name], party of three!”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m [My Name].”

Hostess: “Oh. Sorry, we can only seat full parties and can’t hold tables.”

Me: “The rest of my party is here. They’re making their way through the crowd now, it’s the gentleman in the orange and the gentleman in the blue.” *I motion to my friends*

Hostess: “Sorry, if they’re not up here I can’t seat you. I’ll put you back on the list but it’ll be another 45 minute wait. [Other Patron’s Name], party of two!”

Me: “Wait! They’re right here now! We’re ready to be seated.”

Hostess: “It’ll be 45 minutes.”

(We opted for fast food breakfast.)

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