Deep Ditz Pizza

| Working | September 21, 2012

(I am trying to order a pizza for a party I am having. A college-aged employee is taking my order.)

Me: “One meat lovers and one extra cheese. Make them both larges, please.”

Employee: “Okay, so one large cheese. Is that everything?”

Me: “No, I need a meat lovers and an extra cheese.”

Employee: “Oh, why didn’t you say that? $28.50.”

Me: “Don’t you need my name?”

Employee: “Oh, yes. I almost forgot!”

Me: “Smith. You know how to spell that, right?”

Employee: “Oh, yes. Now I need your name.”

Me: “I just told you.”

Employee: “Oh.”

Me: “How long will it be?”

Employee: “I don’t know.”

Me: “Can you find out?”

Employee: “Yes.” *yells to her coworkers* “How long for two pies?!” *pauses for an answer, which I can’t hear* “Okay!” *to me* “I found out!” *hangs up*

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