A Decision To Have The Perfect Comeback

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(I have just gotten off the phone with a solicitation call. While I know it is a solicitation call, my boss requires me to take down all messages and make notes on all the phone calls I receive. I’m then to pass the messages along with my notes to the appropriate individuals and let them handle things from there. This message is for an attorney who is known for being a jerk towards non-attorneys, whereas his paralegal is a sweet older woman who doesn’t put up with his attitude. Per protocol, I make my way to deliver the message to the paralegal who is standing around chatting with the attorney. They both look over the message and the attorney scoffs.)

Attorney: “Let me ask you something: do you think I’m going to call this person back?”

Me: “Honestly, no. As my notes say, the caller was trying to solicit information about one of our clients and became flustered when I wouldn’t give any. However, I believe a note should be should be made in the client’s file in the event that it happens again.”

Attorney: “So, if you know all that, why do you bother [Paralegal] and me with these kind of things?”

(I can tell the paralegal is going to speak up, but my mouth gets the better of me and I cannot help being direct.)

Me: “If you choose to throw away the message and not do anything, it’s called a decision, and you move on. If I choose to do the same, it’s called job incompetence, and I risk being let go. Now, if you don’t mind, I have to get back to work.”

(I turned around and headed towards my desk. As I was walking away, I could hear the paralegal laughing and telling the attorney he deserved my attitude.)

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