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Decent Management Has Gone Down The Toilet

, | Working | February 12, 2015

(It’s a slower morning, so the manager on shift is having us do some extra cleaning. He assigns me to clean the walls in the customer bathrooms. I finish the men’s room and move on to the women’s. As I’m cleaning, a customer walks in.)

Customer: “Oh, should I come back?”

Me: “No, no, it’s okay. You go ahead. I can come back in a few minutes.”

(I go back to the kitchen to work on another task while I wait.)

Manager: “All finished?”

Me: “Not quite, someone came in before I was done. I’ll go back in a couple minutes.”

Manager: “You should have made her wait.”

(I think he’s joking, so I half laugh at it. I finish cleaning the bathroom and the manager comes up to me again.)

Manager: *completely serious* “Next time, block the door with something and don’t let them come in.”

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