Decease And Desist That Check!

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(I work as a part-time teller at a very small local credit union. We are close to the merger date with a slightly larger local credit union who uses completely different software. I go for training on the software one-on-one with the training manager. I want to do my best, so I am very thorough with my transactions and verifications… maybe a bit too thorough at times. The manager has real transaction slips from years past, as well as some fake ones that they made up to allow us to learn a variety of scenarios. Because these are all real customers in the training database, some of the accounts have been closed since, so she has to give me a different transaction as a replacement.)

Manager: “Okay, so, here’s a customer that wants to cash an ‘on us’ check. We’re going to assume they are standing in front of us, and you already verified their ID. First, verify the signature on the check by looking up the account and pulling the signature file.”

Me: “Okay.” *pulls up the account* “The signature looks good.”

Manager: “Great. Then go through the transaction to cash a check.”

Me: “Wait!”

Manager: “What?”

Me: “There’s a note on this account… It says she is deceased.”

Manager: “Okay. I guess I’ll have to find a different check to cash…”

Me: “Deceased people can’t sign checks. Plus, this check is from 2015, so it’s way out of the 180-day range. Don’t cash the check! I smell fraud!”

Manager: *bursts out laughing* “Okay, well, it’s good that you’re checking everything! I think you’ll be just fine once we switch software!”

Me: “So, did I pass the test? I wasn’t sure if it was a curveball to throw me off.”

Manager: “Nope, just a training transaction that I have to shred now. You’re doing great!”

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