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Debunker The Flunker

| Learning | July 17, 2013

(In our class, we pick a station and are partnered with two or three other people. We have a computer-generated lesson plan based on which station we’ve picked. I’ve ended up partnered with a student I had a fight with a year or two prior, after he had attacked my friend.)

Me: “Why the h*** did you come to this station?”

Student: “Shut up, I just wanna do this one.”

Me: “Whatever.”

Student: “Fine, so you pick where we start.” *turns to a friend* “Man, this’ll be the easiest unit. She always manages to get a good grade somehow.”

(He then proceeds to spend the rest of the day doing zero work, letting me carry him. I decide that I could survive flunking one unit. At the end of the day, we get our grades back…)

Student: “What the h***?! How did I get an F?!”

Me: “Oh, gee, that’s really too bad. I guess I just wasn’t able to do so well all by myself.”

(The teacher actually apologized for letting him pair up with me when I explained our history, and actually forbade the guy from working not just with me, but in any unit taking place at a station next to me for the rest of the semester!)