Deathly Delicious

| Learning | January 1, 2016

(The school rewards students every quarter with free ice cream if they achieve honor roll. Last year, the county’s health policies required them to give out these weird slushie things.)

Teacher: “You’re lucky you get to have real ice cream at your ice cream social today. Last year, we were only allowed to give these nasty, artificial slushies because of the county’s policies.”

Girl In The Back: “I like the blue raspberry ones…”

Teacher: “Are you kidding? Those are so artificial, and they’re full of chemicals! Why would you want that stuff over REAL ICE CREAM?”

Girl In The Back: “Ice cream is so fattening, though…”

Teacher: “Which would you prefer: calories or cancer?”

Girl In The Back: “Well… which one tastes better…?”

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