Death Of A Sale(sman), Part 2

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I manage security for an aeronautic electronics plant. My position is at the front visitor’s desk and main phone line.

Caller: “Put me through to the plant manager.”

Me: “I will put you through to the admin assistant.”

Caller:No. You will put me through to the manager, now!”

Me: *Click*

Caller: *Calls back* “Give me your supervisor, immediately!”

Me: “No.” *Click*

Caller: *Calls back* “Listen. Give me corporate’s number, now, and you will put me through to the plant manager!”

Me: “Fat chance.” *Click*

Caller: *Calls back, sounding very defeated* “Listen. I need to speak to the plant manager. It is very important. Why are you being so belligerent?”

Me: “Because, one, if it or you were important, you would already have his extension number and name, and two, even if you had misplaced them, you would have no problem taking an extra step and two minutes to go through the proper channels by going through the admin assistant. Now, would you like the admin assistant?”

Caller: *Completely broken* “Yes, please.”

Death Of A Sale(sman)

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