Death By Ice Cream

| Romantic | June 25, 2012

(My boyfriend and I both have computers, but I have a laptop in the living room and he has a desktop in the office, right next to the living room. He goes to the office to play his games frequently. We yell back and forth a lot.)

Me: “Looooove! Remember how you promised to get me some ice cream earlier?”

Boyfriend: “No.”

Me: “You did. Will you get me some ice cream?”

Boyfriend: *in his whiny tone* “But, loooove, I just got into a game with [friend]!”

Me: “But you said you’d get me some ice cream.”

Boyfriend: “No! That was before I got into a game!”

Me: “You never set any kind of parameters for getting me ice cream involving this particular situation.”


Me: “Please?”


Boyfriend: *opens office door, sighs* “I told [friend] I died because I was arguing about ice cream. He said ‘it happens’.”

(He proceeds to get me ice cream.)

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