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Death By Chocolate, Part 4

| Friendly | April 17, 2014

(It’s my friend’s birthday party and she’s opening gifts. My gift is a huge tin of Christmas candy. It’s early February.)

Birthday Girl: *opening gift* “Wow. That’s a lot of candy.” *she starts pulling out bags of it and commenting on them*

Friend #1: “I’m sure [Birthday Girl] appreciates the Christmas theme.”

Me: “Yeah, well, about that. This gift was originally for a Christmas party that was canceled because someone died.”

Birthday Girl: “Geez, [My Name]! I didn’t need to know that. God, now I feel really bad. Someone had to die for me to have this.”

Friend #2: “Yeah, that gift is to die for.”

Birthday Girl: “[Friend 2]!”

Friend #1: “I would kill for that gift.”

(Birthday Girl gives Friend #1 a look.)

Friend #3: “Eating all that candy at once would be deadly.”

Friend #4: “I would die if I could have that gift.”

(Others add more puns.)

Birthday Girl: “Stop! You’re all horrible.”

(There’s a moment of lull in the conversation.)

Me: *returning from the kitchen* “That joke is dead to us now.”

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