Death And Taxis

| Working | May 8, 2014

(I work in I.T., and every now and again there is a major problem that requires me to stay late. This happened on a Monday night. I had to work until 10 pm, by which point it is dark. Our office was in a very bad part of town, so rather than walk twenty minutes to my bus stop I called a taxi. The following day, I submitted the receipt to get reimbursed. Note: I am female; my boss is male.)

Boss: “[My Name], what’s this receipt for? Why did you call a taxi?”

Me: “I was here until 10 pm. because of the [problem].”

Boss: “And?”

Me: “And, I didn’t want to walk to my bus stop in the dark.”

Boss: “Why not?”

Me: “I was scared! This is a terrible neighbourhood. There was a drive-by shooting just last week.”

Boss: “Fine. But next time try to plan a little better.”

Me: “… You mean, plan the work crisis that caused me to stay late in the first place?”

Boss: “That’s right.”

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