Dealing With Customers Comes With A Price  

, , , | Right | January 12, 2020

(I work in a well-known high-fashion brand shop, in the accessories department. My job is to help customers find what accessory they want, whether it be a fancy bag, scarf, hat, jewellery, etc. We also get a commission for this and have to acquire a certain amount in the tills. A well-to-do, uppity woman comes stalking in and makes a beeline for me.) 

Customer: “You there! I’m looking for a burgundy bag to match my shoes! And I want you to help me!” *snaps fingers at me* 

Me: *trying not to be insulted by the gesture* “Of course. First of all, what style and size would you like? And any particular material? And also, do you have a certain price range you are wanting to spend today?”

Customer: “Price doesn’t matter, and I don’t care what style or size. I just want a bag to match my—” *talks slowly to me like a baby* “—buuuurgunnddyyyyy shoes!”

(I proceed to pick up and show her every single burgundy bag in stock, which she turns down for either being “the wrong size,” “not the right colour,” or “too floppy or stiff.” I finally find a bag in a very expensive well-known brand, which she starts ogling at.) 

Customer: *in utter excitement* “Oh, my goodness! This is the exact bag I want! It’s perfect! Oooh, I’ll take it!”

(We proceed to the tills, but not before she asks the price. The next thing I know, her tone completely changes as soon as she sees the price tag.) 

Customer: *throws hands in the air* “UGH! Why on Earth would you make me try to buy this?! It’s far too expensive! I am not buying this!”

(She proceeded to curse at me and storm out of the shop, leaving me in utter disbelief. It made me wonder why I wasted half an hour of my time on her. She even said she wasn’t bothered about the price range. Some people.)

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