Dealing With Baggage On Both Ends

| Right | August 4, 2017

(I am a bagger. One particularly busy Sunday, I happen to be the only courtesy clerk on the front end due to all the other clerks being busy. With eight lanes open I am obviously stressed and after bagging for a customer I head over to one of the phones on the registers to call for help — we need more baggers. Almost instantly after I hang up on the PA system, another page is sent asking me to come up in front of registers to see my managers, which meant no one is having their groceries bagged for them. After being told by my managers not to use the PA system because other clerks wouldn’t listen to me because I had no authority (despite the fact that the managers failed to notice or fix the issue) I am sent back to bag. I head towards the last register I am bagging on where I see a customer bagging his own groceries. From there it goes like this:)

Me: *approaching the customer as they bag and noticing that he has more items I can bag* “Oh, hello, sir. Can I help you bag there?”

Customer: *says nothing and continues to bag the rest of his order*

Me: *assuming he is upset with the service – as is his right* “I’m sorry I couldn’t help, sir.”

Customer: *finally acknowledging my existence* “Do you have a car?”

Me: *confused* “Uh… No. I actually ride my bi—”

Customer: *looks at me threateningly* “Good because you better hope I never pull you over.”

Me: *thinking he’s joking but really unsure* “Uh… hehe… O…kay?”

(The customer proceeded to leave and looking back I honestly believe that it was a neighbor of mine who is a Traffic Officer. Got threatened by a traffic cop because he had to bag his own groceries!)

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