Dealing With An Old Bag

| Working | November 16, 2014

(I am about 15, and am just starting to get into drawing, so I usually carry some paper around with me on a clipboard. However, the clipboard has just broken, so I am using a thick book as a hard surface to draw on. Without thinking, I take my stack of paper and the book into the bookstore at the mall, and buy a comic book.)

Cashier: “Hey, you can’t bring another book in here!”

Me: “I’m sorry; I forgot I had it with me.”

(I hand her my money. She starts to put my comic book in a bag.)

Me: “That’s okay. I won’t need a bag, thanks.”

(I start to take the comic book out of the bag. She grabs it from me and slams it back into the bag along with my receipt.)

Cashier: “Yes, you DO! Everyone leaves here with a bag! Now TAKE IT!”

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