Dealing With A Basket Case

| Working | May 9, 2017

(I love going to the dollar store. I’m one of those former retail slaves that gets asked where things are because even when I’m in a tank-top and shorts, I apparently look like I work there. I also tend to put things back where they belong. This happened today while I was gathering personal stuff, and some stuff for work, into a hand basket. I get up to the till.)

Me: “I have two separate transactions; is that all right?”

Cashier: “Sure, no problem.”

(I sort through things quickly, stopping when I reach my work limit and adding the rest to my personal pile. It goes very quickly, and there’s only one person in line behind me. I pay for the first transaction, and then put the rest of my stuff on the counter.)

Me: “I’m just going to go put the hand basket away. I’ll be right back.” *expecting him to just keep ringing*

Cashier: *jaw dropped, frozen in place when I return to till* “NO ONE PUTS THEM BACK!”

Me: “Oh?”

Cashier: “NO ONE! YOU’RE THE FIRST PERSON TO PUT THE BASKET BACK!” *normal voice* “I always tell people they have to put them back, and they say it’s my job. No, my job is to take your money and tell you to leave. You have to put the basket back. Cause I can’t leave the till to go put it back when I’m alone, and if they put it on the next till, when I call for backup, that cashier has to put it away. And then, if they leave it on the floor, where I can’t see it from here, then the next guy trips over it, and they say it’s my fault, but it’s the guy who left it there’s fault, not mine. Or at the end of the counter. I had a lady just push her cart over there, too lazy to put it away right, and it knocked over ALL my glasses.”

(It honestly felt like he said that all in one breath, maybe two. I look over at the display of cheap sunglasses and reading glasses, nodding slowly, feeling more and more uncomfortable because there’s a line growing and this guy is pretty much calling everyone in line lazy, since the whole store heard him yell that I was the only one who puts them back.)

Me: *quietly* “I used to work retail… I think it’s just nice to put it back, that’s all.”

Cashier: “It is! But no one ever does! And it makes a mess. Cause no one cares.”

Me: *pays as quickly as I can* “Yes, receipt in the bag is fine. You have a good day now…” *walks out of the store very fast*

(I don’t think he’ll have a job there very long…)

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