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Deaf To Reason, Part 9

, , , , | Right | May 29, 2019

(I’m helping a couple order new curtains. They are deaf and we communicate in hand gestures and writing. When we’ve finished the deal, I see it’s time to get the breaks started and I go to the till to replace the first cashier. The lovely deaf couple stands in line at my till. I help a couple of clients and end up clearing my line faster than my coworker. While doing so, I cheerfully greet the clients. One lady in the other line is side-eying my line with suspicion. Once the deaf clients reach me, I stop talking and start smiling and gesturing to the monitor, etc., to communicate with them. It’s a big order, so it takes some time and I don’t speak at any moment. They leave happily and we wave goodbye. The lady from the other line has already finished her shopping and happens to be watching me for the last moments. Suddenly, she starts screaming at me from just meters away. All customers and coworkers freeze and watch her.)

Customer: “What the h*** was that about? Do you not know how to treat customers? They spend a lot of money in your store and you don’t even have the decency to say even a word to them!”

Me: “But they a—”

Customer: “No, you don’t get to make excuses. That was horrible discriminative behavior! I want to talk to your manager!”

(I am not inclined to bother my manager with this ridiculous woman.)

Me: “That would be me.”

Customer: *with even more disgust on her face looks me up and down* “I am never shopping here again!” *storms off*

(I never saw her again, but the deaf couple comes around pretty often and we always wave at each other.)

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