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Deaf To Reason, Part 7

| Working | July 3, 2017

(My husband has been working in the deli of a popular convenience store/sandwich place for several months. He gets along great with his coworkers and managers, works hard, and everyone seems to think highly of him. He also has hearing loss from explosions from when he served in the military. One of the shift leads, who he’s never actually had a problem with, is very soft-spoken. One day, this conversation happened:)

Shift Lead: *to coworker* “What the f*** is [Husband]’s problem? Every time I try to ask him to do something or say ANYTHING to him, he just ignores me! I don’t know why everyone thinks he’s such a great guy!”

Coworker: “You know he’s deaf, right?”

Shift Lead: “What?!”

Husband: “What’s going on?”

Coworker: “[Shift Lead] didn’t know you’re deaf.”

Husband: “Yeah, I have some hearing loss in both ears. If you ever need to get my attention, and I can’t hear you, just tap me on the shoulder. No big deal.”

Shift Leader: “This changes my ENTIRE perspective on you! I thought you were just being a jerk!”

Husband: “I’m… sorry?”

Coworker: *barely stifles laughter*


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