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Deaf-initely Not Worth It

, , , | Right | February 24, 2023

A gentleman whose hearing is completely gone calls in and demands step-by-step over-the-phone instructions for getting his new TV to work.

Me: “Sir, do you have a hearing aid?”

Caller:What?! I can’t year you! I’m deaf!”

Me: *Shouting* “Sir, do you have a hearing aid?!”

Caller:What?! Didn’t you hear me?! I’m deaf!”

Didn’t I… hear YOU?

Me: *Practically screaming* “Sir! Please put in your hearing aid or call in again via TTYD relay service!”

Caller: “I don’t wanna do any of that stuff!”

Me: “Then can you get friends or family on the line to speak for you?!”

Caller:What?! Just stop pretending I’m not here and speak up a little!”

I spend an excruciating half-hour trying to politely yell instructions at him while my supervisors and coworkers shoot glares of death at me because I’m so loud they can’t hear what their customers are saying.

And at the end, he says:

Caller: “Should I plug it in first? Say! That works! Thanks, darlin’.” *Click*

Losing his hearing was probably really hard for him to accept at all, so I’m not making fun of that, just the overall situation.

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