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Deadly Serious Romance

| Romantic | March 7, 2016

(I’m at the theater waiting in line to buy a ticket to Deadpool. There’s a girl who looks about college age in front of me who is wearing a Deadpool shirt. I witness this exchange between her and a young man who looks about her age waiting in the next line over.)

Girl: “One ticket for Deadpool, please.”

Man: “Are you serious…?”

(She looks warily at the man like she’s waiting for him to start something. To her surprise, he instead unzips his jacket and pulls it open to reveal that he is wearing the exact same Deadpool shirt she is.)

Girl: “Oh, my god, that’s amazing!”

Man: “I think this is fate! Will you marry me?!”

(They both sat next to each other in the theater and when the movie was over, I found them both sitting together in the lobby gushing about their favorite moments in the comics. I believe I’ve witnessed the beginning of either the most amazing friendship ever or the most adorable romance ever.)

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