Deadly Delicious

| NC, USA | Friendly | July 16, 2015

(My best friend and her boyfriend have been hanging out at my house. We had sat down with some lunch and a movie, and now that the movie’s over we’re clearing up. Her boyfriend had asked if he could finish off my leftover fries, which were too crisp for my liking. From the safety of my kitchen, I can hear a familiar argument.)

Friend: “Why would you want to eat those?!”

Boyfriend: “They’re a little burnt, I guess, but I really don’t mind.”

Friend: “I know you guys grew up with ‘finish everything’, but they’re cold now! They’re DEAD! They aren’t FOOD anymore!”


(I just kept out of the way as he ran around the living room eating those last few fries as she tried to take them from him.)

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