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Dead Men Tell No Spoilers

| Related | March 30, 2016

(The second ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie has just come out, and I have gone to see it with my cousin. I am 15; she is 13. The movie has been out less than a week, everyone’s excited to see it, and there is a near-permanent lineup wrapped around the side of the building. This is my second time, but her first, so when the movie ends with the dramatic reveal of a character coming back from the dead, she’s understandably excited. She’s babbling on about the movie and how awesome it was, and as we are leaving she calls up her mom to tell her to pick us up. However, excited as she is, as soon as my aunt answers she SCREAMS into the phone, in front of the entire line of people waiting to see that movie for the first time:)


(Cue me flailing around like a madman trying to make her realize she needed to STOP F****** TALKING!)

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