Days Off Shouldn’t Be A-WOLk In The Park

| Learning | March 31, 2013

(I have a summer job at a business school arranging entry exams. Note that some exams take place at a sister school on the other side of the city. A young man approaches my desk.)

Young Man: “I need to know where I’m supposed to be.”

Me: “Okay, what’s your name?”

Young Man: “My name is [first and last name].”

Me: *looking at list* “Oh, I’m afraid you’re supposed to be taking your exam at [school across town]. There’s no way you’ll make it in time. You received an e-mail about this, right?”

Young Man: *laughing* “Yeah, I did, but I had no idea where that place was so I assumed it was here!”

Me: “Oh, that’s really too bad, but you’ll miss it now.”

Young Man: “Oh, that’s okay! I didn’t even want to study here. I just wanted a day off from the army while I came here to take test. Now I have the whole day off and don’t even need to waste time on the that!”

Me:: *a little confused* “Oh, that’s… good for you.”

Young Man: *skips away happily*

Coworker: *walks up to me* “Yeah, we get a couple of those every year. Not a bad scheme at all. I might actually try it sometime.”

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