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Their Days In Business Are Numbered

, , , | Working | January 8, 2018

(Some coworkers and I decide to order take-out from a Mexican restaurant for lunch. We look at the menu online and I call in the order. The meals on the menu all have numbers assigned to them, so I order by telling the employee which numbers we want. I pick up the food and bring it back to the office. We are able to sort out each meal, except for mine. The only meal left is not what I ordered. I call the restaurant.)

Me: “I ordered a #7, but I didn’t get the enchilada meal. This is something different.”

Employee: “Oh, the #7 is chile rellenos, not enchiladas.”

Me: “Your menu says it’s enchiladas.”

Employee: “No, we changed the numbers.”

Me: “You changed the numbers, but you didn’t change it on the menu?”

Employee: “Right.”

Me: “How are people supposed to know what they’re ordering?”

Employee: “Sorry.”

(We never ordered from there again. They’re not in business anymore.)

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