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Daylight Saving Misbehaving

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(It’s March, on the Friday before daylight saving.)

Dad: “I hate that we lose an hour this weekend!”

Me: “Oh! It’s daylight saving already? Don’t you mean we gain an hour? You should be happy!”

Dad: “No, we lose an hour.”

Me: “No, we gain an hour! Remember, we lost an hour last time.”

Dad: “We gained an hour last time.”

Me: “No. Remember? Everyone was moaning about it. It’s spring forward, fall back.”

Dad: “Right! Spring forward, fall back. We lose an hour. It’s so exhausting! It messes up our sleep, and the cats don’t know when they should be fed.”

Me: “No, I’m positive we gain an hour. People do their moaning in the spring! You shouldn’t be annoyed. I’m happy now; our sleep will be better! Spring forward, fall back.”

(My dad is looking at me very strangely.)

Dad: “Let’s just wait for the weekend. Then we’ll see.”

(I go back to reading my book. After about 20 minutes, I check my phone to see what time it is. I see the date.)

Me: “Oh, my God! It’s March!”

Dad: “…yes?”

Me: “You were right! We do lose an hour! That sucks!”

Dad: “I told you.”

(There is a long pause.)

Me: “Although, if you consider that I was arguing from the point of view that it was apparently fall, we were both right!”

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