Dating Sheldon Cooper, Part 7

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(My boyfriend and I are in the library studying. I’m working on a philosophy paper that needs an example where someone is guilty but not responsible.)

Me: “Hey, honey, what mistake could someone make driving a train that would crash it?”

Boyfriend: “What kind of train is it?”

Me: “Just in general, like accidentally changing trains or something.”

Boyfriend: “That wouldn’t happen. What kind of train, though?”

Me: “It doesn’t matter. It just needs to crash.”

Boyfriend: “But what kind of train? Depending upon what kind of train, it could malfunction…”

Me:SHELDON! I just need to crash a train.”

Boyfriend: *quieter* “I like trains.”

(For the record, my boyfriend is a physics major. “The Big Bang Theory” is scarily accurate.)

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