Dating Sheldon Cooper, Part 13

| Romantic | June 23, 2015

(I am walking, and having great time, with my boyfriend, who is a big nerd. We walk along a river and I am telling a joke about a scientist who wants to impress a girl on first date.)

Me: “…and she says, ‘Okay, explain this: A cow, a horse, and a deer all eat grass, right? So why does a cow makes those large wet cakes, a horse poops those horse donuts, and a deer makes those small round droppings?’ The man says: ‘Uh, I do not know.’ And she says: ‘What kind of conversation do you hope for, when you don’t know s***!'”

Boyfriend: *thousand-yard stare, deep in thought* “Well, a cow is a cud-chewing animal, while a horse is not, that is definitely a factor…  And a deer is wild animal, meaning it must make hard, dry droppings, to conserve water, because the wolves always wait near watering places…” *suddenly looks at me and focuses* “…Uh, but you wanted me to laugh, right?”


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