Dating Amy Farrah-Fowler, Part 2

| Romantic | April 3, 2012

(My girlfriend and I are cuddling and talking about going away for the summer after I graduate.)

Me: “We should travel around Asia, because I’ve been to the U.S. and between the two of us we’ve seen most of Europe. We should visit all the countries in Asia, like China, Cambodia, Japan, Hong Kong…”

Girlfriend: “S.A.R.”

Me: “What?”

Girlfriend: “Special Administrative Region. Hong Kong isn’t a country, it’s a Special
Administrative Region of China, like Macau. Although it was under British control until 1997, and still has a separate political system from China. They do speak Chinese though. Well, Cantonese.”

(Long silence.)

Girlfriend: “Can we go get Chinese food now?”


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