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Dates Of Birth And Deaths Of Friendships

| Friendly | December 5, 2014

(It was my birthday recently, which was the same day as a character from a show one of my friends is really into. Some other friends threw me a surprise party and we all celebrated, except for Friend #2, who forgot and spent the day celebrating the birthday of the fictional character. I’m annoyed, but not really upset by this. A few days later, we’re all talking before class.)

Friend #2: “Man, I had a blast on [Character]’s birthday. My fandom friends and I all celebrated! I wish you guys liked [Show], so we all could have celebrated, too!”

Friend #1: “You know what would be even better than that?”

Friend #2: “What?”

Friend #1: “If you’d spent [My Name]’s birthday with her instead of in your room celebrating the birthday of a guy who doesn’t exist.”

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