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You Have Been Disconnected

| Working | September 25, 2013


Real Life Autocorrect

| Related | September 25, 2013


Drawing A Line In The Line

| San Diego, CA, USA | Related | September 25, 2013

(My father and I are standing in line to enter a theme park with my daughters. It is a member’s only line that is supposed to be faster, but is moving slowly due to tech issues. My father is getting impatient and voices his displeasure.)

Dad: “Why is this line so slow? Jeez, they really need a better system!”

Woman In Line: *to her friend* “That man is so rude! I’d be embarrassed if I was his family!”

My Preteen Daughter: *loudly* “I’d be embarrassed if I couldn’t mind my own business!”

Fighting Sleep With A Battle Cry

| Los Angeles, CA, USA | Related | September 25, 2013

(My toddler niece is strapped in her car seat, fighting sleep.)

Niece: “Mommy pick up! Mommy pick up! Mommy pick up!”

(Suddenly it’s quiet, so I look in the back seat. My niece opens her eyes really wide and yells.)

Niece: “Baby wake up!”

(Then she collapses into a sound sleep.)

Talking To Faceless Voices

| Australia | Related | September 25, 2013

(My sister has recently deactivated her Facebook account to see how long she can last without it.)

Me: “You know, I look really crazy now since all your comments have been deleted. So where we’ve been talking, it now looks like I’m just talking to myself.”

Sister: “Really? There’s going to be so many crazy-looking people now. Awesome.”

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