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Generation Gap

| Related | September 27, 2013


Sins Of The Father

| USA | Related | September 27, 2013

(Our family comes home from a long vacation, and my mom sees that someone has left a paper cup on her papers. The soda that was in the cup has leaked through it and spilled all over her papers. She freaks out.)

Mom: “Kids! Come here!”

Us: “What Mom?”

Mom: “One of you left a soda that spilled all over my important papers! Which one was it? If the person confesses, I won’t punish you three.”

Brother: “It wasn’t me.”

Me: “It’s wasn’t me.”

Sister: “It wasn’t me.”

Mom: “Now I know one of you did it! That’s it, go clean your rooms until one of you confesses!”

(Nonplussed, we go to clean our rooms. Just then Dad shows up.)

Dad: “What’s all the yelling?”

Mom: “One of the kids spilled soda all over my papers! Look, they’re ruined!”

(She shows the soggy papers to Dad.)

Dad: “Uh, well, see, it may have been me that left the soda there…”

Mom: “What! I can’t believe it!”

(Mom sends Dad to clean his room, and yells at him while we laugh.)

Must Have Cruised Right Through School

| Rome, Italy | Related | September 27, 2013

(We are on a cruise in western Europe. We are from the US.)

Mom: “This is going to sound stupid, but when we’re here, does the sun still set in the west?”

Mirror Mirror, On The Wall…

| Spokane, WA, USA | Related | September 27, 2013

(I’m pushing a shopping cart with my toddler daughter, past a row of large mirrors. I stop and point at my daughter’s reflection.)

Me: “Oh, look! Who is that cute girl?”

Daughter: *grins* “My mama!”

Me: “Oh man. You get all the cookies for that one.”

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Translation Consternation

| USA | Related | September 27, 2013

(My mom prides herself in knowing English pretty well, even though she is not originally from here. She’ll speak Spanish to us, but not to others. My mom is currently speaking to me in Spanish while we are sitting at a restaurant.)

Waitress: “Hello, what can I get you to drink?”

Me: “Coke please.”

Waitress: *to Mom* “Que quedes tomar? Agua?”

Mom: *frosty look* “DIET COKE, PLEASE!”

(The waitress looks shocked and scuttles away.)

Me: *mortified* “Geez, Mom, you were just speaking Spanish to me! Don’t think you that she was just trying to make you feel more comfortable?”

Mom: “I don’t care; we are in the USA! We speak English here! So anyway…” *continues in Spanish*

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