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Love Will Save You, Literally

| Chicago, IL, USA | Romantic | December 23, 2013

(My boyfriend and I are cuddling in his room. When I was younger, I got a scar on my left hip during an accident involving my scooter. It hurts from time to time, but it’s always been a dull pain.)

Me: “Ow… the scar on my hip is burning. THE SCAR ON MY HIP IS BURNING! WHY IS IS BURNING?!”

(Without looking at each other, we both speak at the same time.)

Boyfriend & Me: *gasp* “Voldemort!”

Answers That Resonate

| CA, USA | Learning | December 23, 2013

(We are talking about molecular physics.)

Professor: “Resonance explains why molecules act the way they do. Resonance is the answer to everything!”

Student: “How many cars are in the parking lot?”

Professor: “Resonance.”

Learning On The Fly

| USA | Learning | December 23, 2013

(Our teacher has made the class do a ‘mock trial’ to better understand the justice system. Every student is assigned a role of judge, jurors, defendant, lawyer, etc. Most of the class is unsure of what to do, since we’ve never done this before. We ask the teacher to guide us.)

Student #1: “Teacher, what do we do next?”

Teacher: “Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just a fly on the wall!”

Student #1: “But—”

Teacher: “I’m not going to help. You all should know what to do next. So don’t bother me. I’m just a fly on the wall, observing!”

(The class looks at one another.)

Student #2: “Anyone have a fly-swatter?”

Not So Stupid Cupid

| GA, USA | Learning | December 23, 2013

(My English teacher has brought her six-year-old daughter to school. I gave her a tour. At lunchtime, I am staring at my crush.)

Kid: *speaking loudly, pointing at my crush* “Miss [My Name], is that guy your boyfriend?”

Me: “No. He isn’t.”

Kid: “Then why are you staring at him, and why is your face pink?”

Me: “Uh… because… um…”

(I am rendered speechless by a six-year-old.)

Kid: “Do you want him to be your boyfriend?”

Me: “Uh… Yeah.”

(I start eating. A few minutes later my crush comes to me.)

Crush: “Uh… Hi, [My Name]. This kid told me that you wanted to be my girlfriend…”

(My crush is also blushing. Suddenly, the kid starts singing so loud that the entire cafeteria turns to her.)

Kid: “[My Name] and [Crush], sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”

(So, basically, a six-year-old scored me a boyfriend.)

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5 Stories Of Terrible Travellers

Not Always Right | Right | December 22, 2013

Weekly Roundup: 5 Stories of Terrible Travellers! It is the time of the year where many of us are travelling for the holidays. How many of you will bump into travellers like these?

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  5. This Round He Lost (In Translation), Part 3
    (2,519 thumbs up)

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