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Rewarding Behavior, Part 2

| AB, Canada | Learning | October 3, 2013

(In high school, I was wrongly kept off of the honor roll. When this was corrected, it embarrassed a few of my teachers, and they never forgot. A few years later, I’m at my first year of college, and my sister is at her first year of high school. I’m doing quite well in my classes, and she can’t help but update my former teachers on my progress. But her updates annoy my former math teacher, and he calls a parent-teacher conference with my mother, under the pretense that my sister is struggling.)

Mother: “So, you called this conference today to talk about my daughter. I do know that math has always been one of her more difficult subjects, so if there’s anything we can do at home to help her.”

Teacher: “Actually, I think the main problem with your daughter is your son. He’s being a very bad influence on her.”

Mother: “Really? How so?”

Teacher: “Well, your daughter keeps going on and on about how well your son is doing at [college]. I don’t think that your son getting into some liberal arts college is an accomplishment to be proud of.”

Mother: “I beg your pardon?”

Teacher: “I mean, your son was supposed to be some kind of super-genius, right? If that’s true, why isn’t he going to some ivy-league college down in the States?”

Mother: “I’m sorry, but you called this conference to talk about my daughter. I don’t see what my son has to do with it.”

Teacher: “Don’t worry about your daughter. She’s doing fine. The real concern, I think, is your idiot son who wasn’t good enough to get into Princeton.”

Mother: *getting very angry* “Look. My son’s grades were good enough to get into any college he chose. After he did all the research, he determined that [college] was best for his budget and career goals. I don’t need to defend his choice of school to your or anyone. Now, you called this meeting to talk about my daughter.”

Teacher: “Whoa! Touchy! I guess Harvard telling your son to hit the bricks is still a sore spot in your house.”

Mother: “We’re done here.”

(My mother storms out of the classroom. Halfway down the hall, she hears my former math teacher calling after her.)


Rewarding Behavior

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Manage My Anger

| Right | October 2, 2013


Love/Hate Apples

| Right | October 2, 2013


CPR = Criminally Poor Reaction

| Right | October 2, 2013

Putting The Sham Into Shampoo

| Tinley Park, IL, USA | Right | October 2, 2013

(I work at a 24-hour store as a cashier. From 7-8 am I am the only cashier on duty. A customer has just dumped two baskets FULL of travel size shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and sunscreens on the belt.)

Me: “Good morning, ma’am.”

Customer: “Yeah, yeah. Make sure you put everything in separate bags.”

(I look at literally hundreds of mini bottles on the belt and my eyes bug out.)

Me: “You mean all the shampoos in one bag, and all the conditioners in one bag?”

Customer: “Of course! You’re not that bright are you? No wonder you get s*** shifts at a crap place like this.”

(At this point, another customer gets in line behind her and I can see his eyes bug out at all of the items as I have to check.)

Me: “Alright, ma’am. That’s $98.74.”

(The customer starts digging through her purse to find her wallet.)

Customer: “I don’t have my wallet, so I don’t have my card.”

Me: “Do you have cash or any other way to pay for the items?”

Customer: “Do you not listen?! God you’re dumb! I don’t have anything!”

Me: “Well, give me a moment. I have to have my manager come over and void out the order.”

Customer: “You really should be nicer to your customers when your manager is around.”

(My manager comes up and voids the order, all the while hearing this customer bad mouth me.)

Other Customer In Line: “Lady, she’s just doing her job and she’s doing it rather well. I would have smacked you by now if you had talked to me that way. And if there is anyone dumb here, ma’am, it would be you who couldn’t even remember to bring your own wallet to the store with you.”

Manager: *to the first customer* “I’ve voided the order, but I will keep all of it at customer service for you today so you can come back and get it later and not have to wait in line again.”

(The customer gives the other customer in line behind her the finger, and huffs before leaving. My manager turns to the other customer in line.)

Manager: “So, how big of a discount would you like today, sir?”

Other Customer In Line: “Just my membership card thanks!” *to me* “You did good!” *grabs a chocolate bar from one of the racks* “Here, have this on me!”

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