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October Themed Story Giveaway: Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!

Not Always Related | Related | October 3, 2013
Want to win A Not Always Related t-shirt?
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PS: Congratulations to a lucky reader for winning September’s Themed Story Giveaway, which featured stories about Babies & Toddlers. The winning submission: Raining On Her Parade (598 thumbs up).

PS #2: winners will be announced the first Wednesday of every month. Next free t-shirt gift certificate: Wednesday, November 6!

Under Pressure

| Related | October 3, 2013


Hulk Mash!

| Sydney, NSW, Australia | Related | October 3, 2013

(I am at my sister’s house, meeting my five-month-old niece for the first time. My sister, her boyfriend and I are talking about superheroes, whilst feeding my niece some mushed peas.)

Me: “I prefer Marvel heroes. Iron Man and the Hulk are my favourite!”

Sister’s Boyfriend: “I totally agree!”

Sister: “No way! DC heroes are way better! BATMAN FOREVER!”

(We then proceed to get into a heated debate about which superhero is the best, and stop paying much attention to my niece.)

Sister: “I’m telling you, Batman is t—”

Niece: “HULK!”

(We look over, and my niece has rubbed the pea mixture all over herself and has both arms raised above her head in triumph.)

Sister: “Oh my God!”

Sister’s Boyfriend & I: *stand and applaud*

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Being Taken For A Runaround

| Devon, England, UK | Related | October 3, 2013

(My son is early in learning how to move and walk. I’m meeting up for coffee with a mom friend; her son is five weeks younger.)

Me: “Everything is kind of hectic and stressful because he is just into everything. You’re lucky that yours is content with sitting up.”

Friend: “Actually I kinda wish mine was moving about more. I’m really looking forward to it.”

(My friend spends the next hour watching me chase after my son.)

Friend: “You know what I said earlier about wanting my kid to crawl? Never mind.”

Lucky Sixes

| East Lansing, MI, USA | Related | October 3, 2013

(I get into RPGs in college, and am showing my visiting parents the local game store, including their rack of dice with unusual numbers of sides. They decide to buy a game from a discount game company that lowers prices by selling the minimum number of components, and letting you provide your own movers, dice, pencils, etc.)

Mom: “Hey, don’t check out yet! It’s a good thing I read this package and saw what we needed!”

Me: “Why, what does it say?”

Mom: “Well we have poker chips and board game movers, but we also have to buy two six-sided dice. I don’t know where we’d have gotten those if we walked out of here without them.”

Me: “Out of every other board game ever?”

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