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Echoing The Spirit Of Gene Frenkle

| USA | Learning | October 5, 2013

(I am a campus tour guide. I currently am giving a tour to a family with an eight-year-old girl.)

Me: “And this is called ‘echo point.’ If you stand right on this center brick, your voice will echo!” *I turn to the little girl* “Sweetie, would you like to give it a try? Say whatever you want!”


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No More Than Two Questions

| Right | October 4, 2013


Blind Faith In Humanity

| Right | October 4, 2013


Gift Carded And Dearly Departed

| Right | October 4, 2013

Coffee Cookie Kindness

, | USA | Right | October 4, 2013

(It is a busy Sunday morning, and I accidentally turn my register off. It takes about five minutes for the system to completely reboot and get back up and running. In that time a customer has pulled into my drive-thru lane.)

Me: “Sorry, it should be just a minute before I can get your order in.”

(As I say this, my computer crashes and I have to reboot it again. Since there is a line of customers ahead of them, they can’t pull up to the window to order either.)

Me: *over the speaker* “I am so sorry about this! As soon as we get the line moving, I can get your order in at the first window.”

Customer: “Don’t worry about it; we’re not in a hurry. Take your time!”

(It takes two more minutes before I can get their coffee order in and they get to the first window to pay. They speak to my coworker.)

Coworker: “Hello folks! Sorry it took so long. Your order has been paid for already, so go ahead and drive up to the next window.”

Customer: “Paid for? Who paid for our order?”

Coworker: “Actually, the girl that took your order felt so bad about her computer crashing she paid for your coffees.”

(They leave a verbal thank you for me and leave. I think this is the end until an hour later the manager is screaming my name.)

Manager: “What did you DO?!”

Me: “I don’t know; what happened?”

(The manager shows me the huge tray of piping hot homemade cookies. Apparently the customer’s wife decided to repay my kindness and made us all cookies! Best day of work ever!)

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